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I kind of hate seeing pictures of people I know that have passed recently


It’s like I can’t fully understand that a person was here and now they aren’t

like she was JUST here.

and she LITERALLY dropped dead.

and I don’t do well with grief. I pocket it away until it’s blooms as anger.

I’m convinced that the other side is SO much better. And that there’s lot of of…


It’s the birthday girl. With a straw to match her dress. #Libra #Nakila #HappyBirthday

07-24 - 19:02 - 1 note / td-sky

Baby girl

I wish that I could write the right things for you
To make sense of how much I love you
I feel so selfish
Wishing god could give you back to us
My mom said that you were here so we could be touched by an angel
God wanted you back because he had something bigger for you
Baby girl. Thank you
For being our earthly angel

07-24 - 8:02 - 1 note

Blk girl.

Blk girl got hips.

Black girl got nappy roots.

Blk can burn in the kitchen.

Blk girl speaks her mind.

Blk girl hugs so tight.

Blk girl light up a room.

Blk girl knows god.

Blk girl is love.

Nakila you will remind me how amazing blacks girls are and how we love. My sister/my friend I will carry my womynhood a little differently now and walk in your queendom with my crown held high each day. Thanl you for teaching me what love is on and off the stage. I’ll miss you here on this earth but, your spirit will be with me for the rest of my days. Until we meet again, sis. 


tell Nam we miss him. Make him a meal, sis.

07-23 - 22:49


when i’m done dealing with someones shit